Why We Created Legacy Childcare:

We saw a need that was not being addressed!  Families were returning to campus for alumni/alumnae weekend or a homecoming event and realized that there were no activities for their children that were structured, safe and supervised.  As a result one of three things happened:

  1. Parents would drag their children from event to event, where the children would get bored and soon frustrate their parents.
  2. Parents would hire a babysitter.  This would leave the parents uneasy for the entire weekend, because they would often not know this person until they arrived. 
  3. Families would simply not attend.

None of the above outcomes are ideal for the alumni/alumnae, child(ren) and the university or college. 

That’s where Legacy Childcare comes in! 


What is Legacy Childcare:

Legacy Childcare caters to the needs and budget of each event and works with children ranging in age from ages 3 to 17 years old. Depending on the reunion or homecoming event(s), Legacy Childcare provides activities to immerse children of the alumni/alumnae in their school’s traditions and culture. When the children are happy, the alumni/alumnae are happy, thus, resulting in a great benefit to the school!

From campus scavenger hunts and arts and crafts, to casino-themed nights and sports activities, Legacy Childcare will ensure that all ages are engaged and entertained! Bubble shows, ventriloquists, juggling clowns, etc… are just a few of the options that we can provide.

In addition, one of the events that tends to be a focal point is our “field day / homecoming day”.  The sky is the limit with what we can accomplish!  Bounce houses, interactive entertainment and other family-friendly activities are what children and alumni/alumnae enjoy.

“The WCAA offers Legacy Childcare programs to our families returning to campus for Reunion in June. The staff is engaged and involved with the campers. These day and evening camps allow our alumnae to connect with one another, attend faculty lectures, class dinners and other programming while knowing their children are safe, entertained and having a wonderful time on campus!”
— Janet Monahan McKeeney – Director of Alumnae Engagement Logistics - Wellesley College